• Swimming pool - Starting 4th April work on the pool filters will begin as well as other items such as installing steps, cleaning of the balance tank and repairing of the Jacuzzi buttons. While some disruption is to be expected, this will not require any full-day closures of the pool. Should temporary closures be necessary, we will inform members in advance. Work should take no longer than 10 days.

  • Gym - works to be conducted in next couple weeks to ensure all faulty equipment is made operational. No specific time has been given, but no major disruption to be expected when they come. I will be also sourcing a full set of Ariel and Ethernet cables so we can have further functionality on all the equipment screens.

  • Changing rooms – Now our new maintenance manager is settled in, works will be conducted in the changing rooms on all showers to ensure these are working at peak efficiency, new shower gel and shampoo pumps have been installed, Hairdryers are to be sorted across both changing rooms early next month. 

  • Sauna – Now getting up to 85 degrees but will be looking to refit the benches and heating elements to ensure its longevity in coming months. 

  • Steam room – issues regarding steam room have been addressed and is now working as normal